Thursday, June 7, 2012

Not Me

Do you ever have those moments in your house when no one will admit they were the one who did something wrong?  I'm assuming every household has those moments, mine recently consists of no one admitting made the mess in the living room or whose socks are lying on the floor, or whose turn is it to help unload the dishwasher.  

If you are like my family and have moments (or children) like that, this new kit is perfect for your scrapping needs.  Introducing "Not Me" - from accidents, to unforgettable messes, this kit has a fun loving, colorful variety that is a great go to kit for every day life.  This kit is sold exclusively at The Digi Chick and today and tomorrow it is 20% off so stop on by today.

Here's some CT Inspiration:
{from christie}
 {from hilly and andi}
{from Landi}

{from Jaime and Alamama}
{from Sannn}

Have a wonderful weekend!

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